Monday, April 29, 2013

Pony's Make Up

Hi guys! Today I would like to introduce a very popular and pretty korean blogger and make-up artist to you guys! YES! SHE IS PONY! I AM HER BIG FANS! Oh I just can't stop falling in love with her. I bet you guys will love her make-up book bcoz of her easy, simple, clear and gorgeous make-up tutorials!

This is her 3rd make-up book [Pony's Idol make-up]
It costs ₩11, 850 which is only $12! So what are you waiting for?
Grab one before it is too late!

I have collected three of them! hahaha!

These are some highlights of her 3rd make-up book
Hyuna's Trouble Maker
Orange Caramel's Shanghai Romance
IU's You & I
SNSD Taeyeon's The Boys

I love her natural and gorgeous make up especially for this 'Angelababy's make up' from her 2nd make-up book. This is one of my favorite make-up of Pony! Simple but attract people's eyes! The flawless skin with the brownish eye makeup bring out the beauty and elegance of a girl.

Pony is very pretty, isn't she? I bet you guys start to fall in love with her ady bcoz I'm one of them! hahaha! Before I was ugly even scorned and laughed by the others. But I never refuse to knock under to any difficulties and always improve myself. Now I'm still keep learning and improving myself not only with my external beauty but also my internal. What we achieve inwardly will change our outer. Do you guys agree with me? 

There is no girl doesn't like pretty and we girls deserve it. I'm not a pretty girl who no need any powder or lip rouge to make her pretty. BUT I AM WHO I AM. I love to dress up with my own style to bring out my own beauty. Dressing up makes me feel more confidence and makes my day bright! So girls, don't be lazy, be good to yourself and live up to your ideal life! LOVE YOURSELF TO THE MAX!

"There is no ugly woman but only lazy woman"

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